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About Rainbow Interactive:

Founded in April 2005, Rainbow Interactive is the leader in the provision of innovative, creative and immersing GBLT- centered independent software products.

About the founder:

Rainbow Interactive was founded by MMoore - a Veteran Software Engineer/Test Engineer with experience in Project Management. She holds a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida. Fore more than twelve years, she has actively been involved in the development of software applications and video games and has developed in a vast array of languages ranging from assembly (RISC and CISC) to Objective-C and tools ranging from OpenGL to Maya.

Message from the founder:

Even in this day and age, we as a community still have not achieved true full equality. This is true in every facet of our culture. In the video game industry, the GBLT community is often either under- represented or stereotypically represented. In addition, there are very few software applications specifically designed for our community.

Rainbow Interactive is changing this. We develop software products which positively portray us and are tailored for our specific needs . These products are designed by our community and are for us, our allies and families.

Our mission is to deliver you the highest quality software applications possible, provide you and your children with an innovative and fun experience, ensure our products are moderately priced so that they are accessible and design software which appeals to all age groups. We will continue to challenge stereotypes and provide you with truly "Outside of the box" pioneering experiences. It is our hope that our products will help you to "Find your Inner Rainbow".


Founder Rainbow Interactive

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