What people are saying about.....

Rainbow Interactive:

"I wish you the best of luck with your new business venture and please keep me on your email mailing list." ~ AN - Ohio

"You Go Girl,sounds great!" -JK- California

"...I think the idea of a company founded to represent gay players in video games is wonderful..." - NB

"Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to see that we will have choices " - MK - Florida

Black-Trivia! Hip Hop Edition v1.0:

"That is an awesome website and product that you have.  Keep up the great work!" - AT - Texas

"Black Trivia is amazing and will revolutionize the gamming paradigm ...." - RM, CA

L-Trivia! v1.0:

"WHOLLY SMOKE! That is AWESOME.. I really like it.. I wanna play now.. I love the music and the fact that you can choose your own person etc.." - CY - Florida

"The L-(Trivia!) Game looks like it would be a lot of fun!!! " - WS

"When can I order L trivia ...." - LS

RainTrix v1.0:

"(RainTrix) It's great! The game is a lot of fun. I like these types of games anyway. Well, keep up the good work............" - JS

"It's neat that you can play your own music within the game. I also love the Rainbow points!!" - JB - Florida

"Good luck with your very good invention...."

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